Planting Methods – LArch 335+837


The goal of this course is to develop your appreciation of plants in the landscape while advancing knowledge and skills in applied planting techniques, documentation, and management protocols as distinct, yet integral, components of the landscape design and stewardship process.

In terms of outcomes, by the end of the semester, you will have:

  1. Gained experience in the horticulture and ‘ecoculture’ of conventional and emerging planting genres—the mixed bed, treed urban plaza, meadow, and hydric habitats, and other planted landscape contexts;
  2. Built technical abilities in species selection, planting and soils establishment methods, planting installation details, and adaptive management of the planted landscape;
  3. Gained fluency in contract documentation (CD) that accurately and clearly communicates project intents and standards to contractors and managers;
  4. Bolstered your understanding of progressive planting design theory that addresses aesthetic, ecological, and functional factors, and;
  5. Continued to develop your skills in AutoCAD and related digital media for conceptualization, visualization, and crafting of succinct instructions to the Contractor for planting implementation and management.


The following technical, design computing resources are required in order to successfully complete the course.

Module 1.1 – Design Computing and Visual Communication for Planting Methods

Module 1.2 – National CAD Standards