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Design Computing and Visual Communication for Planting Methods


Landscape architecture focuses on a wide array of tasks and ideas ranging from abstract concepts, gardens, and public spaces, to large-scale vistas and regions, seasonal planting schemes, functional systems, ecological processes, and construction details. Design computing facilitates rapid, iterative three-dimensional thinking. Additionally, the craft of your visual communication work is critical, whether it is a conceptual hand sketch, AutoCAD construction drawing, thinking drawings, or 3D ‘Hero’ images. However, strong theoretical ideas can result in exceptional built outcomes, but only if you effectively translate your ideas into well-executed construction documents.

Drawing craft in planting methods serves several purposes:

  • Your drawing craft communicates the professionalism you bring to a clients project;
  • Expresses the spatial qualities (e.g., scale, texture, colors, ambiance, form, and function), inter-and intra-system relationships, and the ecological assemblages of your design; and
  • Legibility and thoroughness facilitate a well-constructed project within budget, on time, and with reduced liability.

Each module and sub-module will have a series of pages dedicated to assisting you in refining your digital technology skills, as applicable to planting methods. Each page will be tagged with the label “Skills:” to expedite navigation. 

Technology Requirements

  • AutoCAD
  • SketchUp
  • TwinMotion
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Microsoft Excel